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The curse of technological advancement

All technological advancement that replaces human labour and work cannot be termed progress. 

India is a nation suffering with mass unemployment, underemployment and meaningless employment. We have millions and millions of poor people sitting idle in our villages and cities. Above this, frequent droughts and self created water crisis converts millions of agricultural labour unemployed awaiting some work. While MNREGA provides some relief it is only a relief and not a solution to chronic unemployment India faces.

In this current dire situation, by creating technological advancement that replaces human labour we are performing a great crime against our nation. We are creating a situation where for the sake of technological progress and hidden capital interests, millions are thrown out of employment and are added to the existing large group of unemployed.

India should invest all its energies in creating technology that assists human labour and help our millions unemployed perform some work and not ease the burden of their work. We need machines that create work for us and not replace our work. We need to decentralise our production from concentrated factories to cottage home based industries. The handloom or sewing machine which employed million weavers and tailors to produce cloth for hundred million people was replaced by power loom which does the work of million by employing thousands. In this situation we have technologically progressed but societally regressed creating poverty and unemployment. We have millions of cleaners and sweepers but new sweeping trucks perform the work of thousands alone with two driver and little fuel. We cannot let these middle aged sweepers become unemployed or expect them re-skill themselves in advanced learning branches. We don’t want human labour to compete with machine which is relentless, works 24*7 and has no emotions attached to it. We need machines that assist us in our work and enhances our capability to work.

This continuous technological advancement that renders millions unemployed should be controlled by our government if they really are ‘for the people’. If they cannot perform this duty of which they are very well aware, they are an illegitimate government whatever election result they may present before me. Elections with participation from millions of illiterate ill informed voter makes no government legitimate, especially when people trying to get elected are creators of false information. The question of controlled technological progress must be discussed at all level of power and within the wider public discourse.


The views expressed are personal and inspired from Gandhiji’s views on technology. All criticism is welcomed and celebrated.


5 thoughts on “The curse of technological advancement

  1. surbhi kothari May 10, 2019 — 7:29 pm

    Technological advancement is one of the most under-debated phenomena today. It has been widely accepted as the unquestionable and natural path of human evolution. While advancement in the fields of medicine and science can benefit civilizations, advancement in robotics or artificial intelligence have fallouts in terms of unemployment and reducing the human element in progress. The effects of advancement also vary according to the stage of advancement of society itself. For a developing country like India where millions are unemployed, unskilled, illiterate, poor, technological advancement needs to controlled and directed towards fields that benefit the largest sections of society. People need to start talking about it and bring it to mainstream arenas of debate.

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    1. Yes exactly my point, I am not against all technological improvement but against those which can be delayed till we arrive at a point where it doesn’t cause more harm than good
      and above all people must choose if they want such advancement rather than the advancement being imposed on them


  2. While technology may replace millions of labour with a thousands, it opens up hundreds of new avenues of employment (much more meaningful) where they can be accommodated. Government should work towards identifying these opportunities and quickly migrate the interimly unemployed instead of controlling the tech advancements.

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    1. the problem is when we replace those jobs that can be equally done by humans with technology and not skill people with new opportunities offered by technology.
      India is a labour surplus nation, we must utilise what we have in surplus rather than focusing on the path taken by labour scarce nation which were forced to move towards technology due to lack of labour.


    2. the question is are we innovative enough to create more meaningful employment through technology like the developed nations did or are we only going to replace employed labour with technology and create unemployment.
      I am not against technology advancement but against imposing technology upon people who are left in misery and extreme poverty.


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